Back in 2007 I opened an Etsy shop, to sell the designs I created. Things picked up extremely fast that I opened a second shop in 2009, for custom designs.! Doing custom designed garments, one at a time, wasn't easy, but I loved it.  In 2011, I had a daughter and, as I worked alone, had to close shop. 

I went ahead and opened a graphic design shop, also on Etsy. I was familiar with web and graphic design since 1997 -and design was something I could do quietly, calmly, from my computer.

My graphic design business flourished and I still work as a graphic designer today. You can visit my studio at WildheartCreative.com 

I plan to open a clothing shop again in 2018 -but will focus on ready to wear clothing. Sign up to be notified when my shop re-opens on Etsy.